Glissades. Patrick Cornelius. Composer/Producer/Engineer/PerformerBass Violin

Bass Violin

The Earth Is In The Sky. Tom Verlaine. Recording/Mixing/Performing


Nurse Jackie, Season 5. Pat Irwin Producer/Engineer/Performer


Secret Agent. Philip Glass. Recording


Come With Me. Ghazal. Recording/Mixing


I Am I Be. De La Soul. Recording


Coral. John Scofield. Recording/Mixing


Set Me Free. John Cale. Recording


Bimoya, Absolute Zawinul Recording


Front, Back, Vice Versa and Me in the Middle. Cage at 100. Composer/Producer/Engineer/Performer


Bored To Death. Pat Irwin. Recording, Mixing


Rockport. Composer/Producer/Engineer/Performer


The Battle Of Pussy Willow Creek. Composer/Producer/Engineer/Performer


Hedwig And The Angry Inch. Stephen Trask. Recording


Zitoune. Musique Sans Frontieres. Composer/Producer/Engineer/Performer


Si! No!. Deep Rumba. Recording/Mixing


Priere De Paul Cezanne. Composer/Producer/Engineer/Performer


Rio Grande. Taylor Barton. Recording/Mixing


Nivea. Composer/Producer/Engineer/Performer


Greenwood. Tony Trischka. Recording


Ed. Ahrin Mishan. Recording/Mixing